Contact me for private singing or musicianship lessons, or read about my course at Jazzschool Den Haag below!


This course at Jazzschool Den Haag is especially (but certainly not only) suited for jazz singers!

In the lessons we build our musicianSHIP, using jazz standard repertoire as the starting point. It is all about understanding and awareness of music through the voice: knowing/feeling exactly what is happening and performing sounds with certainty, without depending on an instrument!

Rhythm, melody, harmony, improvisation, theory, notation; everything is approached from our experience of the sound, so that the knowledge gained becomes a natural part of your musical personality, in listening, singing, ànd playing an instrument.


The tools that enable us to apprehend the sounds and that are used in the lessons are relative solfège (movable do), and Takadimi rhythm language. As a visualisation tool we use the Movable Do Disc. Sources of inspiration are John Curwen, Zoltán Kodály and Edwin Gordon.

What to expect from the lessons

The lessons take place in a group of 4-8 participants. Through material from the jazz tradition, we will enhance our musical imagination and tonal and rhythmic orientation by singing, reading and improvising melodies and rhythms, and we will discover harmony through polyphonic singing, tackling problems arising from notation along the way. The result will not only be knowledge, but mainly a lot of joy and beautiful music!

Everyone who wishes to understand music from the inside and is willing to use his voice is welcome. It is also possible to register with a full group!

Don’t hesitate to write an email to info@patriciawisse.com if you have any further questions!

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